Friday, October 1, 2010




This doesn't look like anything special, but if you can't eat gluten it is! It's a turkey sandwich that is on a bagel! Ok, big deal. A bagel. Let me rephrase this, AN UDI'S BAGEL! IT'S DELICIOUS!!! ANDDD IT HAS GOOD TEXTURE! Now, I didn't just discover Udi's. I read about Udi's products on somebody's gluten free blog in a different area of the country and sent a mass email out to the Rochester Celiac Support Group asking if anyone had tried it or if anyone know where in the greater Rochester, NY area I could get some. I think 2 people said they had tried the bread while on vacation and loved it. It started a HUGE movement. People started demanding stores carry Udi's. A lot of smaller stores did!

Today I went to Wegmans (I haven't shopped in a while because I hurt my knee and couldn't drive my car, stupid clutch. Oh, and I'm broke no shocker, haha) and I bought Udi's Bagels, White Bread (I prefer this over the whole grain), Pizza Crusts and Lemon Streusel Muffins. I've had all of this before except for the Muffins, which I plan to try as soon as this sandwich digests.

I really can't explain how much Udi's has changed my life. I actually cried when I tried the bread the first time. I forgot I like sandwiches. But now that I can get it with the rest of my groceries I can eat delicious sandwiches whenever the craving strikes because I don't have to pay for shipping :-D So today for lunch I had a Plain Udi's Bagel, Honey Roasted Turkey, Muenster Cheese, Lettuce, Pickles and a little Mayo. It was delicious! If you haven't tried Udi's yet, you should! Here's a link to $1.00 off anything Udi's coupon :)

Happy Eating!

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