Friday, January 21, 2011

BROKE is a key word of this blog

As you all probably guessed by the name of this blog, I am not sleeping on a mattress stuffed with hundred dollar bills. In fact, I don't think I could fill my mattress with pennies. I'm in college, with a seriously expensive food allergy, and I can't work because of injuries from a car accident. This means when it comes time to buy books and supplies, I start to panic.

I wasn't able to sell my books from the past 2 semesters back because the professors are constantly switching books. Ugh, right? haha. B
UT good news is just a sentence or 2 away! If you have a school with a Barnes and Noble Campus Bookstore (there are LOTS of them) you don't have to get super big headaches anymore! You can RENT your textbooks! Instead of buying them for full price then hoping you can sell them back at the end of the semester you save up front! Sometimes like 80%! Then you just give them back. How freaking awesome is that?!

Here's some textbook rental info for you:

Also, theres a BOGO 50% off Champion Apparel sale going on!

Either of those links will let you easily know if your school bookstore is a Barnes and Noble bookstore. Just click your state and your school!

Try not to eat as many gluten free Pamela's Simplebites cookies as I have, haha.