Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Entry

"Let them eat cake"

This is my first time ever blogging! How exciting. It'll be weird for a while to type like someone is listening to what I'm saying. Maybe someday someone will read this. Anyway here's some info on me and what I hope this blog will do. I moved away from home where my saint of a grandma, Nonny, paid for all of my food. I knew how much the sticker on the food at the grocery store said but I never really realized how expensive it was!!! I was going to become a Doctor but I didn't realize that?! Good thing I changed my life path. I want to be the Bree Van De Kamp-Hodge (Desperate Housewives) of Gluten Free cooking! She uses regular flour so naturally I don't want to make my own. I don't have hours to try and make a special flour mix from 19,000,000 separate flours (or the desire to try) so don't look here for that, haha. My recipes, some found, some tweaked, some altered to be GF from family recipes, are all pretty simple. I just figured I'd tell my story to the world and help other people who want yummy Gluten Free food that are on a budget.


  1. You trying to see if that cake can fit?? hehe, keep up the blogs! Myself and dante suffer from excema and gluten can sometimes be a triggering factor to outbreaks, so ill be intrested to see recipes and the likes!


  2. I'm reading it! Actually, I tried to make a blog today using "" and it said it was already a site so of course I had to look it up and join it. Then I created my own,

    It's definitely nowhere near as catchy, but I'm okay with that. I'm looking forward to getting all new ideas from you and hopefully you'll be interested in a few of mine too!

    I am DEFINITELY going to try to make your canoli with my next paycheck =D

  3. Aww, Sara I'm glad you're reading it! Now I'll start it back up!!! How did your cannoli turn out?!